Smash Repairs: Selecting the Ideal Auto Body Panel Paint

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The proper repair of auto body panels is important after relatively minor and major vehicular accidents. The restoration is critical because this type of external damage will compromise the longevity of the automotive structure. Moreover, distorted panels are unsuitable in terms of general aesthetics. Ideally, you should engage a licensed panel beater for the smash repairs and restoration. However, less widespread damage such as dents and bends can be straightened out using paintless dent removal techniques even without professional repair. Regardless of your repair choices, you will need to apply paint on the repaired surfaces to enhance visual appeal and protect the sheet metal from the elements. Here are the main types of auto body panel paint to consider selecting for your repaired vehicle.

Urethane Paint

Urethane auto paint is manufactured using resilient polymers, and it is also commonly known as polyurethane. The plastic nature of this type of coating is ideal for protecting the vehicle against moisture and chemical solutions. This limits and decelerates the rate of rusting and corrosion, and consequently, it will prolong the service life of the vehicle structure. Urethane paint is highly durable after application, and it will not fade, scratch or chip easily. In addition, these products can be applied over any other types of auto paints, and this is an important characteristic during smash repairs of damaged body panels. Unfortunately, urethane paint is expensive, a limiting factor for unexpected restorations.

Metallic Paint

Metallic paint is commonly applied on new automobiles, but it is also a perfect choice for use during smash repairs and restoration of sporty cars and large muscle vehicles. The paint is also known as polychromatic material, and it is advantageous because it accentuates the contours of the panels more ideally. In addition, the reflective nature of metallic paint will hide small scratches and dings that will remain after panel beating. On the other hand, metallic paint is expensive and it can be difficult to find a specific colour shade because of the limited range.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is manufactured by combining an acrylic polymer emulsion with colour pigments. This type of coating is relatively easy to apply even without professional experience and fast-drying, so it is suitable for quick and inexpensive smash repairs. This painting material is fairly durable, especially when the acrylic enamel type is baked on the panels to form a hard shell. Regrettably, acrylic auto paint is vulnerable to degradation when exposed to ultraviolet radiation and chemicals. These condition will cause accelerated wear and fading.