Truck Repairs: All about Jake Brakes and Their Repair

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Trucks are famous for carrying heavy cargos, making their braking systems vulnerable to failures or frequent breakdowns. To boost the braking system for vehicles, manufacturers installed the Jake braking system, also known as compression release engine brakes, in large diesel engines to help drivers experience better and safer truck stops. These brakes work by opening the valves in the exhaust immediately after the compression stroke, thus letting out the compressed gas in the cylinders, which decelerates the truck engine. It is an appropriate brake, especially when driving a truck downhill, as it reduces the speed of the vehicle, which can accelerate while driving downhill even if the fuel pedal is not pressed.

Here is more insight into compression release engine brakes.

Minimising of Repair and Maintenance Costs

These brakes cut down on the regular brakes repair and maintenance costs because by applying them, you can reduce the rate of wear of brake linings and tyres. Therefore, they last longer before the brake pads and linings and the tyres demand a replacement.

Consumption of Fuel

Compression release engine brakes do not consume more fuel when you apply them while the engine is at speed because, at this time, it is only the crankshaft that the wheels are moving and not the pistons. However, when the compression release engine brakes are engaged at idle, more fuel may be utilised because of warming up the engine.

Handling on Slippery or Icy Roads

It is not a good idea to engage compression release engine brakes on slippery or icy roads because this may cause your truck to lose control and maybe create an accident. For that reason, apply normal brakes in such cases. Also, do not engage the brakes when your trailer is not in a straight line with the cab to avoid instances of jackknifing.

Repair of the Brakes

Just like any other component of a truck, compression release engine brakes also fail and hence require repairs or replacement. If you find out that your brakes are faulty, you can contact a truck repair professional to help you fix them.

In addition, to avoid brake failures and enhance durability, make sure that truck repair mechanics do regular maintenance on the compression release engine brakes of your truck.

It is essential to remember that compression release engine brakes are, indeed, engine brakes. Therefore, for them to function properly, your engine temperature and oil levels should be at the standard levels. With the help and guidance of truck repair experts, ascertain that your truck engine is working normally before driving.