Signs of a Failing Power Steering System

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A power steering service is one of the most overlooked car services. That's because many car owners ignore or are unaware of the signs of a problematic power steering system. A failing power steering system will make the wheels of your vehicle harder to turn. This can be disastrous when you are on the road and you need to swerve to avoid a possible accident. Therefore, watch out for some of these signs of a problematic power steering system.

Hard Steering

The first obvious sign of a problematic power steering wheel is increased difficulty in turning the wheel. If you are finding it increasingly difficult to turn the wheels of your car, you could be running low on power steering fluid, which is usually due to a leak somewhere in the reservoir. Low levels of power steering fluid will make the system work less efficiently. Also, remember that the lower the level of power steering fluid, the more difficult it will be to turn your steering wheel. Another common symptom you may experience together with hard steering is a jerky or jumpy steering wheel. In most cases, you will notice this problem when you try to turn the wheel when the car is not moving or when you are driving slowly, such as in a car park. A failing power steering pump or a loose power steering pump belt are the potential issues that may cause hard and jerky steering.

Noisy Steering

Your steering wheel should operate quietly if the power steering system is functioning properly. Therefore, be concerned if you hear squealing or whining noises when you're making a sharp turn or moving slowly. A noisy steering wheel usually indicates a problem with the power steering pump or reducing levels of the power steering fluid.

Vibrating Wheel

The steering wheel vibrating is also a sign of a problem in the power steering system. In most cases, you will experience this problem when the vehicle is idling. Steering wheel vibrations usually indicate a loose or damaged belt. Therefore, to stay ahead of this problem, make sure the belt is checked regularly for cracks as well as proper tension.

Your power steering system failing while you're on the road can be catastrophic. Therefore, be keen to notice these signs and make the necessary repairs early enough. For low levels of power steering fluid, make sure the source of the leak is identified and repaired. Refilling the fluid will be costlier because you will have to do it often. What's more, the leak could become more severe and make it even more expensive to repair.