3 Cautionary Symptoms Of A Failing Diesel Car

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Many people like the idea of driving diesel cars because of the increased power they offer along with providing better fuel efficiency. But diesel cars, like petrol cars, need maintenance to ensure they remain roadworthy at all times. You need to look for these symptoms to notice any potential failure in your car. A mechanic may use diesel auto diagnostics to identify the exact source of the problem.

Harder And More Delayed Start Times

Fuel in diesel engines is usually ignited by compression and not spark plugs as in the case of petrol engines. They tend to crank when you start them, so it's not unusual to hear a louder engine noise than a normal petrol car. The engine also takes a few seconds to start up. But if you notice that the engine is starting harder or takes more time to start than normal, then it could be because of an issue with fuel delivery, or the car could have low compression. You will need to get the mechanic to check for this issue as quickly as possible to reduce the odds of a complete breakdown later.

Smoke Coming Out Of The Exhaust

Smoke being emitted from the exhaust could indicate that something is wrong with the car. Smoke comes in different colours, and each colour could indicate a specific problem. For example, white smoke indicates that diesel is failing to burn properly because there isn't enough combustion chamber heat and may be the result of a clogged fuel filter or a low-compression engine. Black smoke indicates that there is less oxygen and too much diesel, so some of it remains un-burnt and causes the smoke. This may be because of a faulty injector, a filthy air cleaner or a defective turbocharger.

Exaggerated Acceleration Issues

Diesel cars tend to have better power than petrol cars, which means that they have better acceleration on open roads. But if you're having issues with your car's acceleration, then it could be a sign of an issue. This could be due to low fuel pressure, a failure within the engine or filthy fuel filters. If you notice an issue with acceleration that never occurred before, you may need to get a mechanic to check your car out before it fails completely. The mechanic will use a diagnostic tool to check for the exact source of the problem.

Get your diesel car fixed before the problem turns out to be more serious. A mechanic will check your car thoroughly to identify the issues you're facing.