3 Steps To Ensure Your Car Remains Roadworthy For A Better Selling Price

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Making sure your car remains roadworthy is important if you're considering selling it in the future. Cars older than five years usually need a safety inspection to get their registration renewed in most Australian states. Once your car passes the inspection, you will get a roadworthy certificate. You can make sure your car remains roadworthy by following these steps. A well maintained car helps you negotiate a better selling price later.

Make Sure Your Car Is Checked For Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks from a car are common over a period of time depending on how often it is used. Fluid leaks may include coolant leaks, engine oil leaks, brake fluid leaks and transmission fluid leaks. If unchecked, these fluid levels will drop in the car and will reduce its performance drastically. Failure to recognise a fluid leak could result in irreparable damage to the engine – and can make your car unsafe after a while. For example, a drop in brake fluid levels will cause your brakes to fail, which could result in a fatal accident. You must get your car fluids regularly checked for leaks to remain safe while driving.

Keep A Regular Check On Your Car's Lights

Lights are important part of safe driving practices. For example, you need headlights to drive in the night, while left and right indicator lights show other drivers exactly where you intend to go so they can take action accordingly too. Lights are absolutely essential to drive safely so you must ensure they are working to pass the roadworthy test. Other lights to keep a check on are parking lights, brake lights and reversing lights. You can keep a check on these lights on your own. If something stops working, make sure you take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible to get it fixed.

Inspect Your Tyres Frequently

A car's tyres are the only parts of the vehicle gripping the road, which means that they need to be in the best working condition at all times. Damaged tyres can reduce road grip which could result in skidding and slipping. This will make it dangerous for you or anyone else to drive. In order to pass the roadworthy test, your car's tyres need to be in good working condition with sufficient air pressure and tread depth. Tread depth needs to be above 1.5mm to be considered safe. If it falls below, you need to get your tyres replaced.

Follow these steps to ensure your car remains roadworthy to help you negotiate a better selling price.